Adelphi Spain

Providing holistic solutions from an integrated research approach.

Adelphi Research Spain, with headquarters in Barcelona, is a joint subsidiary of Adelphi Targis and the Adelphi group of companies, and your new partner for all matters concerning qualitative and quantitative market research in the area of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Adelphi Research Spain serves customers primarily in Spanish-speaking countries, combining local expertise with the advantages offered by world-leading partners in a global network.

Our research and consulting approach calls upon a multitude of different techniques. The result is a deeper understanding of the market situation based on robust research and creative yet paragmatic recommendations that make a difference to your marketing.

We provide innovative qualitative and quantitative market research and combined approaches as well as ad hoc studies based on a set of Adelphi-branded solutions to answer all the questions that may arise throughout the product development lifecycle. The method, or blend of methods that we use differ for every individual situation and are specifically crafted to provide you with the best research solution.

We are passionate about our work and solving your problems and are committed to the highest ethical and quality standards.

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Contact information

Arago 182
7th Floor
08011 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93452 3911
Fax: +34 93451 6304