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Company: Adelphi Research, part of Adelphi Group (an Omnicom Healthcare Company)


Job Location: Based in our HQ office in Bollington, Cheshire. Hybrid working


Adelphi Research


At Adelphi Research, we strive to create a work environment that encourages and compliments individuals who are curious, who are critical thinkers who think outside the box. We are interested in people who like challenges, who are passionate about what they do, take pride in their accomplishments and appreciate being recognized for them. We want team players, critical thinkers, individuals who are flexible and excited to jump in and contribute in a team environment. If this sounds like you, and you fit the requirements of the job description, send us your resume and let’s talk.



Job Title: Senior Statistician


Overall description of role: Working as part of the Advanced Analytics team using a wide range of statistical techniques to analyze data and interpret results into business recommendations for clients.


Key Responsibilities


Liaise with Project Team

Provide input into project design elements to optimize for statistical analysis
Understand how questionnaire design affects subsequent analyses
Brainstorm as part of a team to solve analytic challenges on the fly
Design and Analysis on Advanced/Multivariate Methods/Models

Complete analysis as requested by research teams
Independently build models and associated tools for specific business needs, including design and improvement of models for branded solutions
Possess strong understanding of data imputation and simulation approaches
Build and Enhance Statistical Methods/Tools

Evaluate new methodologies for their robustness and application and integrate into Adelphi offerings
Automate and build efficiencies in the analysis process (e.g., data checking, quick assessment of segments, stacking of data for driver analysis, automation of dashboard outputs, etc.)
Staff Development and Training

Develop “best practice” methods documentation and train fellow group members in the optimal use of tools and techniques
Plan and manage own resource levels in co-ordination with data services and research teams
Develop understanding of the data services team, the different roles and the business processes adhered to.
Commercial awareness of the cost of analytics time, including providing information for project costing purposes
Awareness of the way analytical outputs are presented to clients
Person specification


·       BA/BS in relevant field (Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science); master’s an advantage

·       Minimum of 3-4 years of experience

Broad knowledge of statistical techniques
Experience with data manipulation, weighting, sample size calculation and significance testing
Intermediate experience building war gaming/simulation models (R-Shiny, Excel, VBA, or other applications)
Excellent ability to understand and work with numbers
Ability to work to tight client driven deadlines
Experience with multivariate statistics (regression, conjoint and discrete choice methods and segmentation)
Ability to explain analyses and statistical outputs in terms non-statisticians can understand
Mix of the following experience required:

Experience in modelling with categorical and ordinal data through the use of multinomial and ordinal regression methods and log-linear and logit methods
Experience with integrating survey research with secondary data sources for modelling and data validation purposes
Experience with advanced methods such as time series forecasting, Structural Equation Models (SEM), Path Analysis, and Partial Least Squares Path Models (PLS PM)
Experience with hierarchical models, Bayesian approaches, Hidden Markov Models, Latent Class Models, and Monte Carlo methods
Experience with Machine Learning techniques such as k-means, Gaussian Mixtures, Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Exposure to Artificial Neural Nets and Kohonen Maps is a plus
Experimental design
Knowledge and advanced use of R and at least one of the following:  Sawtooth CBC/HB, SPSS, or Github.  Proficiency with Matlab, Python, XLStat, or SAS also considered.

Excellent analytical skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Excellent organization skills
Ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
Good creative problem-solving skills
Adept at team brainstorming, both in-person and virtually
If you would like to discuss the opportunity with us informally, or apply for the role by sending a covering letter and CV (including both your telephone and e-mail contact details), please contact our HR & Business Support Manager, Carolyn Scott ( )

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