Our recruits

Our recruits

“I work in a fast paced and ever-changing environment where no two days are the same.”

While studying for an integrated Master’s degree in Biological Science, I spent my final year within a research lab – however, I realised that although I was interested to continue in science and healthcare, I wanted to pursue a career looking at this from another perspective. Having found out about the Adelphi Graduate programme at the university careers fair, it ticked all the boxes for me. The graduate scheme here has given me the opportunity to do this, allowing me to make use of my scientific background but at the other end of the spectrum.


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Adelphi Values, Associate Value Consultant

“With the diversity of projects and work available I find myself doing something different almost every day.”

Prior to joining Adelphi I worked in Sainsbury’s for almost three and a half years. Whilst thoroughly enjoying working in customer service, I decided I wasn’t going to sell my soul to the retail industry and set out to find a job where I could combine my scientific knowledge acquired in university with the client-facing skills I had developed over the years. Having come across Adelphi Values, I soon realised this would be the place where I could put all my skills into practice, while also making a positive impact on the world (cheesy, I know, but that really is the main reason I decided to join this company).

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Adelphi Values, Senior Research Associate

“My role offers me the variation I was seeking in my career, working across multiple therapy areas and learning new research skills to apply to our projects.” 

While studying Neuroscience and Psychology at undergraduate level, I began to develop a keen interest in the field of science and healthcare. I was able to combine these areas of interest as I completed my MSc in Health Psychology, and subsequent further training in order to work as a Nutritionist. While I found this role hugely rewarding, I still felt that I wanted greater variety to my working day, and so was delighted to be offered a position as a research associate with Adelphi Values. I am pleased to say my role offers me the variation I was seeking in my career, working across multiple therapy areas and learning new research skills to apply to our projects.

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Adelphi Values Boston, Senior Research Manager

“It’s important to choose a job that’s challenging, has variety, and gives you the opportunity to continue learning.”

After finishing university I didn’t really know which direction to go in. I had originally thought that I’d be interested in lab-based research, but after completing a lab-based project in my final year at university, decided the lab wasn’t for me! Despite this, I was still keen to pursue a career that was relevant to my degree and that’s when I came across the Adelphi Graduate Programme advertised at my university careers fair. I successfully joined the programme in September 2008, before choosing to join Adelphi Values at the end of the scheme in 2009. The possibility to try out working in a variety of Adelphi companies really appealed to me, and helped me recognise the area in which I would like to work.

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Adelphi Communications, Medical Writer

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and my capabilities, what I really enjoy doing, and areas that I need to work on.”

As I was nearing the end of my PhD, I realised that I wanted to move away from the bench and began to explore other career options. I was looking for a career that would allow me to remain at the cutting edge of science, and make use of the skills and training I had gained during my time in academia. That is when I came across the world of medical communications. After much research, I decided to apply for a role as an Associate Medical Writer at Adelphi Communications; not only because of their excellent reputation in this field but also the emphasis they place on personal development and training.

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Research Associate, Adelphi Real World

“The friendly, fast-paced, hard working environment that Adelphi provides.”

I realised early during my degree in Biochemistry that working in a lab-based environment wasn’t the career path I wanted. However, I didn’t want to abandon the scientific setting. After stumbling across Adelphi whilst searching the internet for graduate opportunities, I quickly realised that Adelphi offers exactly the type of job that I was looking for. It was an opportunity to use the skills that I had acquired over the course of my degree and maintain a relationship with the field I had learned so much from throughout my education. Having attended an assessment centre day, I really got a sense of the friendly, fast-paced and hard working environment that Adelphi provides.

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